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4 Pieces of Infant and Childcare Advice You Should Think Twice About


Being a first-time parent is both exciting and scary. When you take your new-born infant home, you strive not to make mistakes. You make it a mission to be the best parent you could ever be.

In an effort to raise your children properly, you turn to people for parenting advice. Some of them are effective while others are flat-out bad.

Destiny Starr Academy, a trusted Daycare Center in Conyers, Georgia, gathers 4 questionable parenting tips or pieces of advice parents got from strangers or relatives:

  1. Do not hold your baby all the time.

    Some people claim that when you hold your child too much, they will have numerous problems. An example would be separation anxiety. However, our instincts tell us to keep holding our baby.

    Turns out, you should listen to your instinct rather than that person who gave you the advice. Holding your little infant makes him or her more confident. It makes him or her feel safe. If you do, they will become independent individuals once they grow up.

  2. What they did to you, do the same to them.

    An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth; they say. If your child breaks your phone, break their favorite toy. If they answer you with a disrespectful tone, answer them back the same way.

    This is just wrong. You are the model for your child’s behavior. If you keep this advice and implement it on your kid, do not be surprised if the teacher asks you to come to school because of your child’s misbehavior. What children see at home will be replicated at school. This ridiculous advice will only teach them to be vengeful.

  3. Hit your child to teach discipline.

    The one who gave this advice may have failed in the parenting class. But we are a generation not too far from parents who use this parenting style. Some parents still do this even now.

    But as a parent, you know that this advice is wrong the moment you heard it. Hitting your children will teach them that it is okay to hit others. Like we say, what you do at home will be mirrored by your child outside the house.

    As a Childcare Center in Conyers, Georgia, we work with mothers and fathers coming from different backgrounds. And the number one thing we teach our young learners is the value of respect.

  4. Always be by your child’s side.

    Your child needs you. Do not go out of their sight.

    Nope. This is only applicable to infants. But once your little angel becomes a toddler, let him or her explore the world away from you. Take advantage of the quality Early Childhood Education in Conyers, Georgia. It makes them independent and less reliant on you.

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