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4 Things to Secure Before Sending Your Child to Kindergarten


Was it not too long ago – so you thought – when you were only cradling your child in your arms? Are you surprised to realize that your child has now reached the right age for kindergarten? No matter how much parents may wish for their children to stay young as they are, it’s an irrevocable truth that people grow up. The best resolve is to responsibly assist the young ones as they take step after step towards growing up and learning.

For instance, if your child is about to embark on a new journey, as a kindergarten learner, it is important to ready them holistically before take-off. Hence, listed below are four things you should commit to secure as a parent before sending your child off to an Early Childhood Education in Conyers, Georgia:

  • Make Sure Your Child Knows Restroom Etiquette.

    The restroom can be one of your child’s frequently-visited places in kindergarten. See to it that you’ve taught proper toilet use, clean-up, and disposal. You aren’t going to be around at all times anymore when your child needs to pee or poop, so train them how to do such on their own – without having to be unsanitary.

  • Make Sure Your Child is Firmly Grounded with the Basics.

    Basic knowledge like ABCs and 123s are highly essential. Getting a good grip on them takes your child a step higher, like when suprasegmentals are learned from the basics of segmentals.

    It can be tough for your child to take learning to the next level when the basics aren’t fully grasped yet. So, provide opportunities at home wherein your child can constantly put into practice the basics in various subjects.

  • Make Sure Your Child’s Communicative Skills are Developing

    Kindergarten exposes your child to more diverse individuals. It is necessary in a society and learning to be engaged is one ticket to communication. The best way to develop a child’s communicative skills is by regularly putting it into practice. So, whenever you are with your child, develop an atmosphere where you can openly communicate, you two can always be conversational, and you can expose the young learner to better language acquisition activities like reading books and watching TV. In effect, your child can become confident to interact in class discussions and socialize with other learners.

  • Make Sure Your Child Displays Good Manners

    Good manners, right conduct, and sincere courteousness make a pleasant learning atmosphere. Allow your child to contribute by displaying good manners consistently. Set the example at home and be consistent when imposing discipline if rude behavior is shown. Constantly remind them of respectful greetings and expressions. Instill in them the right values.

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