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About Us

Early Childhood Education in Conyers, Georgia


Destiny Starr Academy’s mission is to provide a safe, developmentally-appropriate environment for preschool and school age children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.



Our childcare center in Conyers, Georgia has a vision to provide affordable, quality child care (daycare) services for children, families and early learning professionals in Conyers, Ga (Rockdale County). We want to create a multicultural environment and use a variety of teaching strategies that will enhance the child’s academic achievement which will allow them to advance to the next learning level.

Our Educational Philosophy

Destiny Starr Academy’s educational programs are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, consistent, challenging and holistic environment for young children and their families. To ensure this balance, we provide a warm, nurturing setting that encourages children to learn through hands-on interactive exploration. We are committed to creating a nurturing learning environment in partnership with parents to develop a sense of belonging and high self-esteem in each child. Our staff members receive comprehensive on-going professional development to stay current with the unique needs of young children and their families. We believe this philosophy represents a strong foundation on which to begin lifelong learning and to launch a positive sense of self, others and the world.

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Our programs at Destiny Starr Academy strive to:

  • Nurture positive self-esteem by providing an environment for successful experiences.
  • Provide an inclusive environment meeting the unique and special needs of all children.
  • Foster responsibility for oneself in self-help, health, safety and interpersonal relationships and facilitate independence.
  • Encourage development of large motor skills through outdoor and indoor activities and fine motor development through the use of manipulative toys, blocks and puzzles and other small tools and writing utensils.
  • Enhance creativity by offering many kinds of materials and experiences in music, art and storytelling.
  • Develop language, literacy skills and multilingual skill and appreciation through stories, music and songs, dramatic play, problem solving, group discussion, and a rich environment.
  • Facilitate cognitive development by broadening the child’s experiences to increase their knowledge, concepts and skills.
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding and respect by providing children with experiences in diversity through a multicultural, anti-bias curriculum.

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