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Childcare and Preschool Program Checklist

Childcare and Preschool Program Checklist

Early childhood is a crucial stage in your children’s cognitive and personal development. As such, it is important that you select the best childcare and education programs to ensure that they have a solid foundation in life and for higher levels of schooling. Consider the following points to help guide you in selecting the best programs for your children:

  • The programs should be responsive to cognitive development during childhood.
  • The programs should be administered in a nurturing environment by excellent and caring professionals.
  • Creative, social, and athletic interactions and activities should be encouraged as well as cognitive development.

You can find these qualities and more in Destiny Starr Academy. It offers a variety of programs for preschool and child care in Conyers, Georgia for children between 6 weeks old to 5 years old.

The learning center employs the philosophy that early childhood education begins at birth. It has a child-focused approach to its programs and uses an integrated curriculum designed to maximize cognitive development.

Visit the childcare center in Georgia to learn more about its childcare and preschool programs or you can contact them today through their website at

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