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Early Education and Development Starts at Birth

Early Education and Development Starts at Birth

In a study published in the American Academy of Pediatrics, early education is seen as an all-encompassing process that begins at birth and exists even outside the school or the learning center. Accordingly, the study emphasizes that every child’s experience will have an impact on their development, which begins from the moment that they are born.

At this stage onwards, children are highly sensitive to their surroundings. Whatever they perceive, they later process into actions and expressions. In the long-term, this will help determine how every child manages emotions, approaches problems, and facilitates interactions.

Care and support should, therefore, be consistent across all settings that involve the children, from the home to the school. Destiny Starr Academy is a center for child care in Conyers, Georgia, which recognizes the importance of approaching early education and development from an early age.

The childcare center in Georgia offers a variety of early childhood education programs for children six weeks to twelve years old. It adopts a child-focused philosophy to education, which aims for the holistic development of every child. To learn more and see the full list of programs, visit

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