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Enrolling Your Children in an Infant Program

Enrolling Your Children in an Infant Program

To understand the importance and benefits of enrolling your children in an infant program, it helps to know about the developmental milestones that are occurring during this stage. In terms of learning and thinking, infants start from being attentive to sounds and faces to exploring their surroundings and being able to follow simple instructions and gestures.

Infant programs can help maximize these cognitive developments in infancy. Doing so can help build a great foundation of early learning that has positive and long-lasting effects.

An infant program may be availed from a learning center operating in your state. In Georgia, Destiny Starr Academy offers the program for infants between 6 weeks to 1 year old. The academy utilizes a curriculum that integrates both a creative curriculum and parts of the Abeka curriculum.

The program encourages infants’ developmental milestones within a safe and nurturing environment and through caring interactions. To learn more and enroll your children, visit the childcare center in Georgia.

The other programs offered by the center include toddler care, summer camp, and other options for top-quality child care in Conyers, Georgia. Inquire and register your children in the program today.

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