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Health Tips for Healthy Toddlers


As soon as your child reaches at least a year old, their movements become more active and curious. They would move freely about albeit with some toddlers on the way, hence, the title “toddler”. They will inspect the places you said “no” to. They will also test how far your patience can stretch as they carry out what they want. Yes, parenthood can be that exciting.

With all this happy mess at home, your toddler’s health comes first in your list of concerns. After all, an energetic child is a healthy child. You know this, too, right? In this line, our team at Destiny Starr Academy shares with you the following health tips, the fruits of our productive years in being a childcare center in Conyers, Georgia:

  • Give water instead of sweetened drinks.

    When your child learns to eat solid foods, you know their taste for adventure has already begun. Give them water as much as you can. Find a way to divert their focus when there’s a chance for soda. Remind all family members to also give water to your toddler when they ask for something to drink. When you’d like to be lax on this matter though, you can give them a sip but that’s all. Let them drink water again to replace the sweet touch in their tongue.

  • Offer healthy food choices.

    Apparently, most fruits and vegetables are not that exciting to your tot’s taste buds. And yet, these are the healthy elements they need to have. Well, you can still manage to pick healthier options of your kid’s favorites. For instance, when they want something sweet, try adding honey or healthy fruit syrup. You can also decorate their plates with colored combinations of fruits and vegetables. It will be a meal adventure.

  • Regulate screen time.

    In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if your child hasn’t reached 2 years yet, they should not even have screen time at all. The only time they should get exposed to a monitor is when they’re video-chatting someone, of course, with your supervision. When your toddler has some screen time, choose educational and quality programs. Additionally, be there to supervise what they’re watching so that you can provide coaching at the same time.

  • Encourage physical activity.

    Helping your child to be physically active is perhaps the easiest task every parent can have. It comes so naturally to children that you would even try to keep them from engaging in this hype too much. Still, some situations will need a little prodding and cheer from parents. Expose your kid to healthy physical activities such as sports and playdates. These activities can exercise their bones and muscles, thereby boosting their childhood health.

Our daycare center in Conyers, Georgia can help provide the optimum health monitoring you would like to give your child. When your child is not at home, you can still relax knowing that our age-appropriate programs can meet your toddler’s overall well-being.

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