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Undeniable Reasons Why We Need Creative Children

Creativity is defined as using one’s imagination in order to create a new work. When we say someone is creative, we usually think of a person who has new and brilliant ideas to share. This trait is what is needed … Continue reading

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Setting Up an Atmosphere of Learning at Home

Early childhood is the best time to start developing the love of learning. The best place to start influencing a child to learn is at home. As your top choice of Childcare Center in Conyers, Georgia, Destiny Starr Academy encourages … Continue reading

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4 Things to Secure Before Sending Your Child to Kindergarten

Was it not too long ago – so you thought – when you were only cradling your child in your arms? Are you surprised to realize that your child has now reached the right age for kindergarten? No matter how … Continue reading

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7 Pointers When Setting Up a Study Area for Your Toddlers

As the saying goes, knowledge is a gem that no one can take away from you. To acquire knowledge, it is important to have an education. It allows a person to read, write, and understand matters, things that everyone will … Continue reading

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The Importance of Teaching Music to Children

Music has a very large impact in our lives, and it can help children in many different ways. Music is not only a form of expression; it can help enhance the cognitive development your little ones. It can help them … Continue reading

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