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Day Care Testimonials in Conyers, Georgia

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Pre-K Class - “I like everything about the Pre-K program at Destiny Starr Academy! I like the early readers, sight words, handwriting skills, and overall kindergarten readiness Ms. Elyse brings to her class. I have seen Ashlynn’s skills improve greatly over the year, and I feel confident she will succeed in kindergarten with the knowledge she gained through this Pre-K. Her socialization skills have also improved a great deal! I am overall very pleased with my experience!”

– April Arnold, satisfied Pre K parent

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My son Dallas has been at Destiny Starr since he was 2 years old. He loves it. The staff has always been so friendly and loving. It is a big family. Being the only child he doesn’t get much socialization. Coming to Destiny Starr Academy has helped him to share and to get along with other kids. This school is a great place to bring your kids if you want them to learn and have fun learning at the same time.

– Denise Tatum, 2 years of childcare service

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Infant Class - “Hello, I am Katrina Bailey and this is my daughter Bailey who was 4 months old when I enrolled her at Destiny Starr Academy. She has been here for almost a year and I have been very pleased with the care I have received in the infant room. All of my concerns were addressed in a professional manner. I am able to visit anytime I want and call the school and check on her anytime of the day. What I like most about Destiny Starr Academy is the friendly and professional staff and the low infant to teacher ratio. I am a new mom and I have highly recommend Destiny Starr Academy for infant childcare.”

- Katrina Bailey

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Pre K Class – “My other grandchild came to Destiny Starr Pre-K last year, and we were SO pleased with his experience with Ms.Elyse, that we requested our granddaughter Kyla be in her class this year! We have been more than pleased! Administration is very courteous and kind, and always is willing to help or answer any questions I may have. Kyla is a very shy child, and since starting Pre-K she has really opened up! She talks about her peers, teachers, and class activities at home all the time! She loves school and her teachers!”

-Tina Strickland

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Infant Class – After School (6 years childcare services) -“My experience with Destiny Starr Academy has been a very pleasant one for over the past 6 years when I first brought my Daughter there at only 6 weeks old! The Management and staff are very kind and caring and always have you and your child in their best interest.”

-Juanita Pearce

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2 year class/ Pre-K -“I like the Pre-K program at Destiny Starr Academy because my child learns something new everyday! She shares her knowledge in the home environment with her siblings and family members. Her overall knowledge of various content has increased over the year! I really appreciate the parent and teacher communication as well. I am always in the know of what events are coming up and what my child is learning in the classroom. Teachers make great relationships with the parents over the course of the year!”

- Sandy Islas

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Pre-K Class -“I am so proud of Jayla’s progress in the Destiny Starr Pre-K program! She is reading! She was a very shy and reserved child, but now she is more outgoing and establishes peer relationships. This has been a great experience for her!”

-Tinisha Solomon

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“All of my 4 children have attended Destiny Starr Academy. My children received a solid educational foundation and were more than adequately prepared for elementary school. Destiny Starr Academy is an excellent childcare center.”

-Arlene McQueen, Parent of 4 children

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2 Year Class / 3 Year Class -“My daughter has been at Destiny Starr Academy since she was two years olds and I am astounded by how much she has learned. Now almost four she can do simple math as well as vocabulary words. Thanks to Destiny Starr Academy my job teaching my daughter is a lot easier and when she starts Pre-K and Kindergarten she will be highly advanced. Kudos to Destiny Starr Academy!”

-Jameel Shareef

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Infant – After School (6 Years childcare services)“My daughter has been attending Destiny Starr Academy for 6 years; since she was 10 weeks old and I have never had an issue with their care. The staff is warm and friendly and now that my daughters attends the aftercare program she says, “Mom you picked us up too early!”

-Natasha Christie

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Pre-K Class -“My daughter Melinda has been at Destiny Starr Academy for a year and a half now. She absolutely loves it there. The teachers are great. They are willing to go the extra mile to make the children in their class feel comfortable and at home here at Destiny Starr. My daughter says that they are her second family.”

-Jessica Cantrell

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2 Year Class“Destiny Starr Academy has bent over backwards to help me and Tristan. He has blossomed since he has been in their care. I think he’d rather be at Destiny Starr Academy than at home sometimes.”

-Krissi McDaniel

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Pre-K Class -“Justin has really opened up and is so much more loving and caring since starting Destiny Starr Academy! Before he started, he was much more reserved and guarded, and now he is much more open to peer relationships. He is more willing to share his knowledge of counting, the alphabet, and his handwriting in the home environment with his brother and sister. He has learned so much and Pre-K has been a very positive experience for him!”

-Amina Schrump

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