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Setting Up an Atmosphere of Learning at Home


Early childhood is the best time to start developing the love of learning. The best place to start influencing a child to learn is at home. As your top choice of Childcare Center in Conyers, Georgia, Destiny Starr Academy encourages you to set-up an atmosphere of learning in your home for your little one!

Find joy in fulfilling this challenge! Here are some suggested learning influences you can make available at home:

  • Apps for Gadgets

    Most little ones today are very much exposed to gadgets. They have also become capable of handling tech concerns. Since these children – including yours – are faced with gadgets every day, you might as well install educational games and any fun-learning academic apps on their devices. This does not only promote fun in learning; it also warms up children’s learning capacity.

  • Bedtime Stories

    Reading storybooks to your child at bedtime or creating them yourself teaches your child the right “how’s” of language speaking. It can also stir creativity, critical thinking, and confidence. Learning can be experienced in a non-strict and light way when employing bedtime stories.

  • Educational TV shows

    Tune in to TV stations that feature educational shows. Or you can download short videos of such and store them at home. Grant your child moments of television-watching in their free leisure, not disregarding the need for parental guidance from you. TVs are an attention-grabbing learning tool for children.

  • Study Time with Parents

    It is a great help in influencing learning when parents are able to develop a study time for their child. Prepare a regular schedule for this and determine beforehand what you are supposed to work on together. Set-up a specific area at home which can be you and your child’s study corner – somewhere conducive to learning.

  • Coloring Books

    Purchase some coloring books so your child develops the interest in arts and crafts. Get them to work on the booklet regularly, and learn to appreciate every output. Guide them through identifying what objects they are giving colors. Look out for progress in your child’s coloring abilities and make sure it gets recognized. Children like to be given attention and words of appreciation.

Setting up a learning atmosphere at home can help your child adapt better to our quality training and education as an Early Childhood Education in Conyers, Georgia. Develop your child’s love for learning so that studying in our center wouldn’t be a very challenging reality to face! The learning atmosphere you create at home builds up your child’s competence and excitement to learn and engage in classroom settings.

Learn about the programs you can expect from us for the growth of your little one. Navigate through our website today at to get adequate information.

Be confident that fun and creative learning methods are utilized for your child’s holistic shaping. Their growth means the world to us just like how it means to you!

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