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The Impact of Class Size and Teacher to Student Ratio

The Impact of Class Size and Teacher to Student Ratio

When choosing the best learning center and educational programs for your children, be sure to ask about class size and teacher to student ratio. These are factors that may seem insignificant at face value but weigh in heavily when it comes to the quality of the care and education that your children will be receiving.

Studies conducted in both the United States and abroad reveal that a decrease in the number of pupils every teacher had to typically oversee, or the so-called “teacher to student ratio,” proved beneficial for the pupils. The quality of education was better carried out and academic achievements were prompted. Furthermore, these benefits of the lower teacher to student ratios were especially pronounced in earlier levels of education.

Destiny Starr Academy, a childcare center in Georgia, subscribes to this approach of having a low teacher to student ratio or class size per teacher, which stems from the center’s child-focused philosophy. Additionally, it is inclusive and progressive and is committed to the holistic development of every pupil.

This center for child care in Conyers, Georgia offers educational programs for children between six weeks to twelve years of age. Visit to learn more and enroll your children.

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