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Things You Can Expect from Toddler Care

Things You Can Expect from Toddler Care

By the time your children become toddlers, the cognitive developments that occur tend to be more creative and interactive. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, toddlers exhibit the following range of characteristics where learning is concerned:

  • Toddlers learn through exploration, playing, and copying.
  • Toddlers copy simple gestures and sounds and are able to follow simple instructions.
  • Toddlers start to scribble and are eventually able to identify colors, shapes, and even animals introduced through stories and playtime.

If you have children of toddler age and you wish to enroll them in toddler care, be sure to find a program that maximizes these cognitive developments. One such provider is Destiny Starr Academy, which offers various programs for preschool and child care in Conyers, Georgia.

The learning center offers its toddler care program for children between 1 to 2 years old. The program encourages creative and playful interactions and includes such activities as circle time, storytelling, singing, games, and more.

Apart from toddler care, the academy also offers an infant program, summer camp, and many more. Enroll your toddlers today by visiting the childcare center in Georgia or contacting them through their website at

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