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Top 5 Factors Affecting Early Childhood Development


Only parents can fully understand the fulfillment that comes along with watching their kid reach their milestones in life. There’s always so much joy in witnessing a baby’s first smile, hearing their first giggle, and cheering their first step. Truthfully, your child’s development is worth celebrating. But, did you know that these developments can be strengthened or weakened. Here are the following factors:

  • Prenatal care 
    There’s a reason that moms-to-be need to consult with doctors, and undergo a lot of tests and immunizations. Their baby’s health mostly depends on how they’ve been cared for while still inside their mother’s womb. So, when a mom is engaged with unhealthy habits for example, their infant’s health can most likely be affected.
  • Parenting style 
    Your parenting method can also affect the way your kids develop, especially with their psychological health. Psychologist, Diana Baumrind, has found that kids who were raised by authoritative parents tend to grow as independent, and are capable of self-control. Meanwhile, children raised by permissive parents tend to encounter authority conflicts during adulthood.
  • Physical growth 
    When your baby grows physically, you can expect to see the inside-out and top-down pattern. Their body develops from the center, naturally expecting their fingers and toes to grow out last, and then from head to toe. When something goes amiss in this process, your baby may develop some form of physical disabilities.
  • Child caregiver 
    Your baby can be entrusted to a caregiver as early as 6 months old. A Childcare Center in Conyers, Georgia, can be entrusted with your infant when you go out to work. The way their caregivers communicate, or care for your child can aid in their development.
  • Childcare centers 
    Professional childcare assistance is provided by centers such as Destiny Starr Academy. Your child can benefit from Early Childhood Education in Conyers, Georgia, which focuses on building up the overall potential of your kid. With a high-quality day care center, your kid can have a great head start in education.

As you bear witness to your kid’s natural development, you have to remember that each child goes through their own phase. Some kids can walk earlier than others, and others can talk sooner than the other kids their age. If you’re uncertain about the normal course of your child’s development, you can always seek counsel from your pediatrician.

But, providing room for your child to gain more learning is your treat to them. Why don’t you visit our Daycare Center in Conyers, Georgia, and see how our programs can further develop your child’s growth? If you’d also like to speak with our friendly staff, don’t hesitate to call us at 770-602-9911. At Destiny Starr Academy, we hope to build up your child to become their own star.

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